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Overlanders H.Q.

Shasta County Loop Map

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This map is for the Shasta County Loop Overlanding Route. Please follow at your own risk. Trail conditions change constantly and weather conditions can change the trail conditions. Please check weather conditions and fire conditions before heading out on any trail. 


This route is designed to showcase some of the beauty that Shasta County has to offer. This route takes you from Fire Lookouts on the tops of peaks to raging rivers and calm lakes. 


Day 1: We will start in the South West corner of Shasta County by heading our way up the south side of Bully Choop Mtn. From there we will continue North on County Line road following the ridgelines until we reach our camping spot for our first night, Clear Creek Camp Ground. Along the way we will enjoy amazing views of the Trinity Alps, Trinity Lake, Lake Shasta, Whiskeytown Lake and Mount Shasta. The camp site is a free, first come first serve USFS Camp Ground. There are fire rings, picnic tables, and vault restrooms. 


Day 2: From Clear Creek Camp Ground we will head East on Dog Creek Road. Once we come out to I-5 we will head into the small town of Lakehead for a top off on fuel. After our fuel stop we will get onto the Dog Creek trail where we will make a pit stop for swimming and fishing on the Sacramento River. From there we will continue east on the Dog Creek trail until it reaches the McCloud River. We will have another stop for more fishing and swimming in the McCloud River as it enters Lake Shasta. Once everybody is cooled off we will get on the Fenders Ferry Trail and continue East to find the Chipchatter Camp Ground and make camp for the night. Chirpchatter has picnic tables and pit toilets.


Day 3: With the start of Day 3 we will begin heading North, towards Iron Canyon Reservoir. This will be the most remote and treacherous part of the journey. We will be miles from civilization but will have spectacular views of the mountains and our planned stop for lunch will give some of the best views of Mount Shasta in Northern California. This section of trail will consist of very steep shelf roads.  Our goal is to make it to Iron Canyon Reservoir with enough time to do a little paddle boarding and fishing which is  stocked with trout. Day three we will be staying at Deadlun Camp Ground on Iron Canyon Reservoir. This is a free, first come first served USFS Camp Ground. There are fire rings, picnic tables, and vault restrooms. 


Day 4: There will be a opportunity for a short morning of swimming/fishing, then we will head out on the trail. We will start heading south, toward the small community of Big Bend. Along the way there are some natural hot springs we will stop and take a dip in before we reach Big Bend and fill up our fuel tanks. Coming out of Big Bend we will wind our way along the Pitt River to a short hike at Burney Falls. From there we will make a fuel and food stop in Burney before heading into the Latour Demonstration Forest for our last Camp Night.  Our camp likely will have picnic tables and pit toilets.

Day 5: After enjoying a night under the stars we will rise and make our way to the top of Burney Mtn. Burney Mountain provides beautiful 360 degree views. From there we will continue south through the Lassen National Forest before finishing at Hwy 44.  We expect to be to Hwy 44 around 4:00-5:00pm. We will air up our tires and disperse from where our trail meets Hwy 44.


This is a true Overlanding Adventure. You will need to bring anything and everything you will need for the duration of this trip. You will need vehicle equipment, spare parts, tools, camping gear, toiletries, and enough food/water. The total miles for the trip is right at 300 miles. We have two fuel stops planned during the trip. This trip is a leave no trace adventure meaning if you pack it in, you pack it out. 


After purchase you will receive a link to download a KMZ file of the planned route. You can upload this into Gaia GPS or OnX Off Road to follow along on our trip. CLICK HERE to watch how to import the KMZ file into Gaia. We will use this as a guide and the route may change due to weather conditions.