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Overlanders H.Q.

***Previouse Run*** Seven Lakes Basin Run - Advanced

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We are excited to take you on a more advanced adventure and show you the true capabilities of your vehicles!

The route planned is starting at Overlanders H.Q., North to Castella, Re-group at the chevron/top off with fuel/food. From there we will take Castle Craigs View Drive to Seven Lakes Basin where we will stop for food and relaxation. After lunch we will head to Mumbo and Gumboot Lakes, drive by Lake Siskiyou and disperse from Mt. Shasta.

Trail will consist of steep hills with some loose rocky areas. The trail down to Seven Lakes is steep and can be un-nerving if heights effect you. You have the option of staying at the top, or parking and walking down. 

4 wheel drive is required. Lockers and winch are suggested but not required. However if you have neither, vehicle recovery points are required. Stock vehicles are acceptable as long as they are 4 wheel drive. 

When: September 18, 2022

Time: Meet 8 am roll out 8:30 am

Where: Overlanders H.Q. (2535 Victor Ave Redding, CA)

Please bring food/snacks/beverages, recovery/safety gear, a form of communication, and proper clothing. Please see attached list for our recommended items and requirements. 

Please register if you plan on attending, a release of liability will be required the morning of the run. REGISTRATION IS PER VEHICLE.

As always feel free to call, text, or PM with any questions! We look forward to seeing you on the trail!