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Overlanders H.Q.

October Overnight Group Run to Madrone and Curl Ridge Jeep Trail

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This months run will be a true "Overlanding" Run. This is a great beginners/intermediate level run to Curl Ridge Jeep Trail & Bagley Mtn Trail. In total we will be driving about 140 Miles, about half of which will be off-road. If you have been wanting to go on a real "Overlanding" trip, this is the trip for you! 


10/15/2022 3pm to 10/16/2022 6pm

The Plan:

We will meet at Overlanders H.Q. Store at 3pm Saturday Afternoon. We will leave the shop at 3:30 and head east on Hwy 299 to Fenders Ferry Rd. We will do a section of the Bagley Mtn Trail, then camp Saturday night in a large field in the Madrone area. Sunday morning we will brake camp and get on the trail. We will go up the Curl Ridge Jeep Trail on Sunday and be back to pavement in the late afternoon, typically around 5 or 6pm.

While most of the trial is pretty wide open there are some tight spots where scratches are likely. 

We are family oriented and welcoming to all, therefore we are not a rowdy crowd. We do not tolerate drinking and driving, but do not mind if you have a few beverages once at camp.  

What you need to bring:

Your own food, water, vehicle, camping gear for 2 days. (Ground tent is just fine)

Camping will be at a "dry" campsite, that means you need to pack in/out all of your own water and toilet waste. There will be NO bathrooms. Please plan accordingly.

Chainsaws are not required, but welcomed as sometimes we come across down trees. 

Vehicle Requirements:

-High Clearance 4wd

-Vehicle Recovery Points

 For more info, watch our YouTube video of the trail:

Trail Info:

Curl Ridge Jeep Trail: The Curl Ridge Jeep Trail is a steep climb up and down a ridge line. The trail provides beautiful views of the valley. There are a few rutted out sections that will test articulation. Trail is mostly rocky/loose rock. 

Bagley Mtn Trail: The trail is tight in some areas with scratches from brush likely. Moderate level difficulty. 

You will receive a downloadable version of the planned route after purchase. Registration is free and is per vehicle.