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October Advanced Evening Group Run

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We would like to offer a trail run outside of our normal third Sunday of the month! This run is open to everyone from woman drivers, families/friends, or solo drivers. This run is a little more than a basic beginner trail, and has a few obstacles that can be attempted to challenge yourself and your vehicle. 
Check out a preview of the trail here:
All are welcome with current registration and a valid drivers license.
When: Friday 10/21/2022 @ 5:30pm for sign in. We will leave at 6pm
Where: Meet at Overlanders H.Q.
Trail: Trail 4, Trail 2 and Trail 1 out at Shasta Chappie OHV
Trail info: Intermediate/Advanced, wide open, no scratches
Suitable vehicles: Stock 4 Wheel Drive/AWD vehicles
Requirements: Valid drivers license and registration.
If you have any questions feel free to send us a message or give us a call! We look forward to seeing some new faces and getting some of you out on the trails!!