Storage Options for Overlanding

Storage Options for Overlanding

Storage options are an important consideration when overlanding, as they help to keep your gear and equipment organized and easily accessible. Here are some of the most common storage options for overlanding vehicles:

  1. Roof Rack: A roof rack provides additional storage space on the roof of your vehicle and is ideal for carrying larger items, such as bicycles, kayaks, and cargo boxes.
  2. Drawers: Drawers can be installed in the cargo area of your vehicle and provide a convenient and secure storage solution for smaller items, such as cooking equipment and tools.
  3. Cargo Baskets: Cargo baskets are a versatile storage solution that can be mounted on the roof or rear of your vehicle and are ideal for carrying larger items, such as camping gear and firewood.
  4. Sleeping Platform: A custom sleeping platform can be built inside your vehicle and can be used to store and organize your gear, as well as provide a comfortable sleeping area.
  5. Slide-out Kitchen: A slide-out kitchen can be installed in your vehicle and provides a convenient and compact cooking area, as well as additional storage space.
  6. Bags and Pouches: Bags and pouches can be used to organize and store smaller items, such as food, clothing, and personal items.
  7. Roof Top Tents: Roof top tents (RTTs) also provide storage space, as they often have built-in storage compartments and pockets.

There are several storage options available for overlanding vehicles, and the best solution will depend on your individual needs and the type of gear and equipment you plan to carry. Whether you choose a roof rack, drawers, cargo baskets, sleeping platform, slide-out kitchen, bags and pouches, or RTT, it is important to ensure that your storage solution is secure, easily accessible, and well-organized to enhance your overlanding experience.

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